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Hello my pretties! It's been a while. Just thought I would share some recent photos!

I have been working like crazy lately!

But I made time to organize for all the girls to out to high tea at the Stamford Plaza Hotel.

(Please excuse the boxes, I am getting ready to move xD)
This was my outfit for the day. I am in love with this print! I am sorry for the super bad quality of the picture, but you get the general idea~ I wish my new wigs had arrived in time. The came the next day! :(

Group photo ♥

I found these photos on my phone theyre from ages ago!!

Me and Cherie ♥

I kind of regret selling this, I might buy it again if I can get the bonnet~

My sexy sexy car ♥

I havn't posted about my little puppy Ziggy yet. Hes a chihuahua x poodle.

This is when he was a puppy. Hes in a hoodie because it was the middle of winter. How cute right? xD

And now that hes grown a bit ♥

And my cute little cookie ♥

How yum does this look!? Its milk ice~

Well thats all for photos. I am going to see daren styles next week. Exciteddddd!
I hope every body has been well lately. What do you think of the new AP print, Little Bears Cafe?
I adore it ♥ I want the mini skirt~

Wow Oh Wow!!


Hi everyone! How long has it been? Too long...

I dont have too much to share Ive just been working non stop basically, but I have a few pictures to share! :)

Here are a few from when a few of us girls went out to a cafe

Me & Cherie ♥

Cherie, Lea & Myself

In my last post I shared my photos from Sydney. What I didnt get to share was the modeling photos I had done while being down there for Electric Alice.

How adorable are the deco head phones, I wanted to take them home with me :P

Please check out the Electric Alice blog & web shop (opening on the 28th) and their facebook page.

Photos to share!


Hey everyone~! It's been a little while since I posted...

I traveled down to sydney not last weekend but the weekend before. It was a lot of fun to meet everyone. The photoshoot for Electric Alice was also a lot of fun! I hope I can work with the girls again soon ♥

This is one of the outfits I wore while being down in Sydney. It's infront of the Sydney Opera House... So touristy lol :P
I love this print so much, this is my favorite part of the print!!

Close up!

Us all at the pancake place! I had the yummiest crepes.

(Sorry for stealing your photos Mary!)

Imo, Nina, Me, Cming! :D

A few shots behind the scenes at the photo shoot, I cant show you anything else yet.

Mary & me!

Imos amazing deco headphones and the messy make up table lol

The next weekend after I came back from Sydney I went to a meet up with Cherie at a pastry cafe.
We twinned sweets jam, which was fun!

Me, Lea & Cherie!

Ooo la la~~

Daily lolita posts here & here

This last photo is of mine and Mandas kandi, I thought it looked pretty epic

Thanks for reading (:

I'll leave you guys with one question;
If you could twin any print what would it be? (AP or not)

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Look what I got! (: I love it. I'll probably wear it when I go down to Sydney~
haha look at my feet >_<

Not too much has happened lately. Just been spending time with my baby ♥ and been seeing friends.

I am adoring the new Jelly print that is coming out!!!

Me & Cherie really want it in blue!! Cheries coming down to visit me soon! Should be good I miss her tones!!

I have never really done one of these before, but why not! I got tagged a few times...

A. List ten habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag ten people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1. I can't fit all my clothes in my closet ):

2. I never have the confidence to wear what I want to on a daily basis. (fairy kei, gyaru, ect...)

3. I have always been upset by the fact that I'm cute and not sexy.

4. I have been working for the government for almost two years!

5. I collect living dead dolls (the only non-pink things in my room haha)

6. I love holidays (christmas, halloween, australia day, ect) because I love putting up decorations!

7. I have nightmares every night.

8. I love fake things! (hair extensions, fake nails, fake tans, eyelash extensions) I have none at the moment ):

9. I hate that my journal isnt very personal anymore. Oh well I guess only my close friends will ever know (:

10. I am crazily shy around new people and can seem like a bitch because of it ):

I tag... in alphabetical order... bakmes, baloon_boom, bleedingxpaints, buttonss, chibi_tenshi, friezaess, pretty_melodies, shelby_cloud, vysanthe & xelyna

Last thing I want to share!

This was from a photoshoot quite a few months ago with Lexi Vegas.
I just love it.
You can see the egl post here!

Please check out my sales here.

I got formspring!!
haha just following the trends
add me here!

Thanks for reading ♥

Quick Update

Not too much has happened since my last update.
Just lots of hanging out with friends and working.

We celebrated Lea's 21st on Sunday. It was lots of fun hanging out with the girls again. ♥ Hanging out on the Gold Coast is weird. People are very in your face and don't even pretend to not stare. We went to the markets and I got lots of cute beads, mushroom beads!! So cute. Then we went to Sushi train, so yummy! Then we just hung out at home then I drove some of the girls back to Brisbane.

I love my sugary carnival op. I am still working on the bonnet... I am just so scared to cut up the tote bag!!
The big bon bon is leas present, I got her a cupcake towel and some cute stickers!
Daily lolita post

It was so hard to fit all five of us into the photo booth! It was pretty funny hahaha.

I have some more photos of Faith's photos she has done of me and Lea, her theme was Ïn the Life of Lolitas"

Getting ready~

A cute one of cookie ♥

This is a preview for a photoshoot I did with Elizabeth Nimo a little while ago~~

Other then this, not too much has happened. I am moving to a new position at work next week. Should be exciting.
I have been going to gym a lot lately, its lots of fun! And it feels so good to be fit again.

I have put a lot of my btssb dresses up for sale and my lilac sugary carnival.

I am so excited to be posting again!

I have missed my journal and talking to all of you!
So much has happened in the last two months, where do I start.
I'll just post the photos I have and go from there! (:

I have also noticed I have gained a lot of lj friends while I was gone. I hope you dont think I was rude for not replying for up to a few months I just hadn't touched live journal. Please enjoy reading my journal as much as I have enjoyed having a look through all of yours!

I'll start with Christmas, I didn't do too much this year. I spent Christmas eve with mom and most of Christmas day. Then Dave came over and we went to hang out with our friends Christmas night ♥

This was the ginger bread house me and Tamika made :D
It is completely stuffed with lollies inside.

This was an outfit from a few months ago... I dont remember where I was going but I love that skirt and those shoes!
They have little bows on them, so adorable.

My god all my photos are so blurry... I need to buy a new camera so bad.
Anyway, I had a few friends over for drinks at mine back in november which is a big deal cause we never all hang out at my house cause its so pink and still being renovated haha. I took a lot of photos but because this post is already huge I thought I'd just post these two of me and Dave ♥

Gosh that has to be one of the worst faces I have ever pulled in a photo, maybe I always look stupid when I'm happy haha.

So in Australia when you finish high school you go down the coast to the beach for a weekm its called schoolies which I think is a bit like Spring break in the US? Okay so I have been out of school for 2 and a half years, but it was my year to go and I had money to spare so I was like why not!

Me and Kitten eating pizza lol... We had the stupidest oven...l I burnt everything on the bottom and left it uncooked on the top ):
Needless to say I lived off of mcdonalds for that week.

We went out clubbing a lot that week and went to the beach parties and basically spent the week blitz out of our minds.
It was amazing.

Me making drinks before we went out, how pretty is that color!
I also made neon green ones and electric blue... no photos though ):

The rainbow light thing in the background is a ride called the slingshot, Dave really wanted to go on it the first night we were there but we went to infinity instead (Trippy light place) It was soooo cool.

Me & Manda

Outside the Louis Vuitton Store
Such a cool photo
Manda, Kitten and Me

Me & Manda

Chad, Matt, Dave and Me
We went swimming at like 3am... needless to say we were all sick for a week.

Theres heaps more photos from schoolies here

Other the that not too much happened at schoolies. It was filled with kids asking us to Shuffle.. We were ready to punch them in the face by the end. When we went out clubbing me met lots of other Ravers from the coast it was so much fun.

We have the best friends, they came down to visit us during the week of schoolies even though they all had to work, would have been anywhere near as good if they werent there!!

This is what I wore to an Art Exhibition I went to a month or so ago. The other Faith had some of her work displayed, it was a lot of fun!
Daily Lolita Post

Here are some of the displays I enjoyed:

I have previously done a shoot with this photographer, Lexi Vegas but she hadnt had time to play with my images before the exhibition.

And this was Faith display, as you can see I can not hold a camera straight for the life of me.

I also did another shoot with Kate O'brien recently. Gosh I love working with her, shes so funny.
I think I did my make up weird or cut my fringe weird cause I think I look a bit funny in the face in these photos... But who knows.

I quite liked this photo though. I love melty chocolate so much ♥

This photo was a bit of an experiment. I dont often wear outfits like this but Kate had it and I thought it was pretty cute though it was quite revealing for me but I didnt feel uncomfortable so I wanted to give it a go, I dont mind it, makes me look curvy hehe.

I also did a shoot with J Mac Photography and Photoshootz Photography
I always have so much fun with these guys!!

Well thats all for photos.

I am actually on a break for modeling. I havn't decided when I will be taking back up again. Probably soon I have been thinking about it a bit.

I am also on those diet shakes at the moment and have started back at the gym. I can hardly move my arms for all the weights...

Over my Christmas holidays I went to dreamworld and wet n wild (theme parks) They were both so good! I wish I got some photos.... ):

Cherie will be coming down again soon, exciting!! havn't seen her for a while.

I cut my hair and dyed it a really dark blond. But I have decided I dont like it and I will be bleaching it again maybe not to platinum but something quite light and I want extensions...

I posted to EGL about a photo shoot I did with kate O'brien a few months ago, you can check it out here

I leave you with a photo of my baby in his christmas hat ♥